[Unboxing] 🎁 HappyBox – May 2016

2016-06-02 16_24_40-58k 🇫🇷James The Adorabull© 🐶💕 sur Instagram _ Mom! Stop the shooting 😤 Let

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Let me introduce you the HappyBox 🎁


  • What is HappyBox?

    HappyBox is a monthly box that contains at least 6 gifts (such as treats and toys, as well as hygiene products) chosen by the Holidog team for your pups and sent directly to your door.

  • What’s inside the HappyBox?

    A selection of at least 6 gifts carefully chosen by the Holidog team for your pet. The exact content of each HappyBox is a surprise!

  • What countries do they deliver to?

    Currently, they ship to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands.

  • Can I have a discount code?

    Yes! 💸 Get 30% OFF with the code JAMES

You can chose to receive only one box, or to suscribe for each month 😃

🙊 Instagram tips 🙊

Post pics with your HappyBox and the hashtag #HappyBoxLove to try be featured in the next HappyBox or even be chosen to be the « Dog of the Month » like I’ve been 2 times!

Now, I’ll show you what I’ve received in my HappyBox of May 2016! 🎉

– A chewing circle

– Delicious fake turtle treat

– Huge chicken and papaya slices

– Tasty « pupcorn » from Holidog

– Yummy sticks, pro energy, from 8 in 1

– Beef and chicken slices

– A cute poop bag distributor 💩

I really love all what I’ve received this month and I can wait to taste it all! 🙌

💸 Don’t forget to use the code JAMES to get 30% on your next HappyBox my pals 💸

And don’t hesitate to leave me a comment to ask me anything about this box ⬇️

2016-06-02 16_24_40-58k 🇫🇷James The Adorabull© 🐶💕 sur Instagram _ Mom! Stop the shooting 😤 Let

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  • Code JAMES isn’t working for me. Get back to me when you can on Instagram


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