Friendship Collar [instagram giveaway inside 🎉]

Let’s talk about Friendship Collar



FriendshipCollar was built on the foundation of love and friendship and has been inspired by best friends everywhere. Their matching collars & bracelets symbolize the powerful bond between you and your pet. It means that you and your bestie are always connected however far apart you may be.

We received a matching bracelet and collar and now we can’t remove them !
Mom is really glad to be connected with me by this way!



The quality of the product is very satisfying and the design is beautiful. In gold and tweed for mine!
We received the model « Great British Canine », nice reference to my breed 😁

2016-05-15 00_21_09-57k 🇫🇷James The Adorabull© 🐶💕 sur Instagram _ Who wants to win this @friends  FriendshipCollar-Great-British-Canine2016-05-15 00_21_17-57k 🇫🇷James The Adorabull© 🐶💕 sur Instagram _ Good morning here 💖 Cuddles t


We also appreciate that all the accessories of the brand are totally vegan 🙌

By example, this set is made from tweed fabric and animal friendly vegan leather. All the hardware is gold plated and they package these in a stylish black vegan leather pouch bag.


Now it’s time to start the giveaway 🎁

Win a collar for you pet and a matching bracelet just for you, because best friends should match! 🙈💘

2016-05-15 00_11_26-57k 🇫🇷James The Adorabull© 🐶💕 sur Instagram _ 🙈 1er concours 🎉🎁 55K GIVEA



Follow these instructions:

➡️ Post a pic and tell us everything about your friendship with your furry friend 😍
➡️ Use the hashtag #JamesXfriendshipcollar
➡️ Follow @james_the_english_bulldog and @friendshipcollar on instagram
➡️ Tag 3 friends

🌎 International entries 🌎
We will chose a winner on Sunday 15th May ✌️

& the winner is…. @bulbizarre_englishbulldog Congrats buddy!

Good luck my lovely buddies ☘💚
Love & Friendship x

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